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Month: February 2017



She’s a lover of music, especially live. Expressive through multiple mediums. Paint. Jewelry. Pen and pastels. Grows succulents for fun. Hikes to waterfalls with no more than a canvas and primary colors.

She reads authors like Camus and Dostoyevsky. Gets Shakespeare. Wears mismatched patterns. Attends political protests and women’s rights walks. Takes the metro into downtown to visit her favorite book store, and eat curry with her friends.

She is fiercely independent. Passionately engaged in issues close to her heart. Driven by a love for life. Excited about the future.

Her feminist minded soul seeks equality and tolerant love for all. She accepts people for who they are and where they’re at.

She’s my daughter; one of the coolest people I know.



She inspires, breathing life into every encounter. Her truth is unapologetic. Always a teacher, with wisdom far beyond her years. Her colorful conversations are laden with laughter and overflowing with insight.

Feminist at heart. Expressive. Honest. Direct. Sassy. Brilliant.

Loved. Admired. Followed. Appreciated. Cherished. So very loved.

She told me that when we choose to be our real selves, it will attract some and repel others. She brings her entire self to the table; a rarity to be sure.

Her attentive and intentional ministry has changed the way I relate to people. Under her tutelage, I have learned how to take up space in my relationships without constantly placating the needs of others.

She is a cheerleader for all that endeavor to live genuinely. Her lessons remain. Her spirit and wisdom continue to resonate. Laura’s legacy lives on.