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Month: October 2018

First Time

First Time

First time. First time ever.

Thirty years of abuse and body shaming. The ongoing battle with my long time frienemy bulimia nervosa. Restricting. Over exercising. Binging. Purging. Diet pills. You name it. I’ve tried it.

Was nicknamed ‘thunder thighs’ at the tender age of six months. I thought for the better part of my young adult life that I had thunderous thighs. I was a size 8.

This last year I allowed myself to get fat. I gained 30 pounds. The food was so yummy! The victory was in the decision after each meal to keep it down. I did. I ate whatever I wanted and paid the price.

After receiving medical news, things changed immediately. I went vegan a few weeks ago. Down 20 pounds. At least 15 more to go. Not sure where I am meant to naturally land. Been abusing my temple for decades; simply don’t know how God sculpted me.

First time eating healthy. Keeping things down. Exercising in moderation. Losing weight the healthy way. Never been here before.

Praise God for his strength and grace to change and overcome past struggles. All things are possible through Christ.