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Month: January 2019

A Sad Reality

A Sad Reality

Aloneness. A close friend. One that brings comfort and clarity. Friendships. Deep river relationships. They too bring comfort and clarity.

Surrounded by incongruity. Completely understand why some want nothing to do with the church. We Christians can be mean to one another.

I grew up fitting in everywhere, except church. The same continues on today. I feel comfortable in most scenarios, but never more alone than in a church. A poignant question posed to me…why are my secular friends more kind than my church friends?

We come at things with judgement in mind. When a young adult comes to us with a revelation of being gay, we respond in prayer. Prayer for healing. Really? Are we so disconnected from the world that we come to the table with judgment and condemnation. Who are we to make the call on needed healing? Give me a break.

The main reason people want nothing to do with the church? Incongruency. We claim to be about love. And then we lack that very love for one another.

I get along with the world much easier than with those in church. There is a truth in the secular; they are who they claim to be. It’s honest. We Christians tout love and forgiveness; all the while slandering our brother and sister in Christ. When the world calls us hypocrites, we live up to that.

Never been more hurt than by self proclaiming Christians. Some are filled with malice and toxicity. Those that teach holiness, in the same breath are cruel hearted to their fellow Christian.

What kind of light are we being to the world? One of acceptance and love? Or judgement and pity. We are no better than anyone, saved or not. Any kind of elitist attitude within the ranks of the church poses a threat to the very purpose of the church; to spread the gospel.

Non-believing friends. They watch the way we Christians treat one another. It stands out to them because we proclaim holiness, but project haughtiness. We lie. We gossip. We hate. And that does not align itself with the teachings of Jesus.

So non believers see this, and opt to live their own truth. We are losing souls because we are awful to one another. The world is watching and learning.