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Day: May 18, 2019

Believing your own press…

Believing your own press…

Lunch with a fellow believer. Brand new soldier. Grew up in another denomination. Asking why some in our beloved movement ignore and exclude. I do not have an answer.

Christ followers. Proclaiming love and inclusivity, only to behave as if in high school.

Some of the time these folks altogether ignore. Completely freeze out. And in more vulnerable settings, this kind warms up. Hot and cold running rudeness. The inconsistency is confusing and the intermittent rejection wounds.

The Christian bubble. Lord may I never be blissfully unaware of life outside the safe zone of geekdom.

Human beings suck. And Christians that act like jerks, are worse than that. If you’re going to be rude and exclusive, my goodness don’t claim to follow Jesus.

Ain’t no one better than the other. If you think you are, you’ve allowed the devil a foothold. Pride is dangerously enticing. Don’t believe your own press. Hard truth. We all wear the same polyester.

As does this new soldier. For now. What will our testimony be? Will we decide to include or exclude? Will we open ourselves up? And welcome others in? Will we be Jesus?