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Month: September 2019

Love covers a multitude of sins

Love covers a multitude of sins

Been offered this scripture twice within recent history. I have blocked several folks on social media recently as well.

Here is my criteria. If you are a secret friend, you’re not really a friend. If you ghost me in person, and never like any of my posts, not a friend. And that’s okay. I just see that I am under no obligation to share my life with folks that hold no interest in me.

I have grown weary of the elitist insular attitudes within the ranks of the church. We continue on being exclusive, and then wonder why our churches are not growing.

Love covers a multitude of sins. So what that people in the church totally mistreat one another, love covers a multitude of sins. So just let it go. Allow love to cover the sins. Does this mean there is no culpability and accountability? Rather, may we learn from the direct and loving way Jesus exhorted his disciples.

Life has consequences. When someone mistreats me, I have the option of disengaging. I do not have to subject myself to rude and toxic behavior.

Within our ranks, we live in a bit of a fish bowl. We will pass one another on occasion, and perhaps be required to swim alongside one another. Regardless of personality preferences, life will intersect in this bubble of an existence.

So who’s a friend? Someone that always refers to you as friend? No thank you. A friend is someone that supports and responds with a commitment to the relationship.

I have asked God to show me who I can truly trust. To reveal the folks in my life that need to be pruned. And the courage to make change.

I am aware that I am not liked by some. When I chose to be my real self, some were repulsed while others were drawn in. The beauty is that I am no longer living for the accolades of others. I am free from the bondage of fitting in. I am enough because I am created in His image.